Diligram Hub

The Diligram Hub is an innovative data management platform that provides unified access to fragmented data sources in one virtual, user-friendly workspace.

Disparate and dispersed data, content, and applications are a major obstacle to successful digital innovation.


The brilliantly
simple solution

Diligram transforms technical complexities with simple digital solutions that unite people, data, and technology.

The Diligram Data Hub provides secure, seamless access to all the data and content to enable intuitive applications that users love and that turn your visions in success stories. So it unlocks the full potential of data and content for your business.


The Diligram Data Hub

  • Creates a single source for all your data and content
  • Improves staff engagement and retention
  • Ensures employees comply with your training requirements
  • Provides transparent audits, so management can see who’s engaging and how often

A layered approach

With our leading-edge technology, we’re able to virtualize individual data, content sources, and applications into standardized building blocks. Then we embed state-of-the-art interactive functionalities. As a result, we can quickly and cost-effectively transform your disparate materials into full-fledged, professional applications that drive growth.

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    We start with user expectations

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    Develop a top-level intuitive user interface

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    Create an engaging user journey

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    Base it on the aggregated and organized content

The approach
proceeds in four clearly defined


A B2B SaaS solution

The unique platform operates as a B2B SaaS solution that enables your staff to consolidate and structure content from multiple sources into logical user-friendly journeys. So it provides transformational empowerment of your entire workforce to interact with the data, collaborate, and achieve unprecedented levels of performance.


The ideal choice for growth-minded business leaders

The Diligram Data Hub quickly and cost-effectively enables growth-minded business leaders to implement their visions and achieve their goals.


User-friendly dashboard invites easy adoption

Your users can run the application with ease.

Data encryption

The Data Hub utilizes state-of-the-art encryption that allows you to be confident your data is protected. The encryption is ideal for privacy-related and other sensitive data, as well as protecting it from competitors.

Proven with thousands of high-end users

The Diligram Data Hub is already in use by thousands of users.

Aggregation of big data for AI-based analyses

The Diligram Data Hub can aggregate large amounts of data from different sources and data providers to make it available for use by AI.

Customized integration, maintenance, and updates

Diligram can develop a customized version of the Data Hub for your company. With our end-to-end solution, we can provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

We can also work closely with your IT department.

Win-win data sharing

The Diligram Data Hub allows your company to make its data available for consumption by other companies while it remains encrypted until another company pays for its use.

It is a win-win situation, because you can make money by contributing to a data pool and access the data pool to get a bigger picture of your industry.

For example, global supply chain data can enable all participants to plan timings and resources better for increased efficiency and profits. Such data can also transform health-care companies, public-service organizations, and companies in other industries.



Diligram makes payments easy and affordable with SaaS license fees for the Data Hub.

Learn how you can go from data disarray to data optimization and get your company on the fast track to unprecedented performance and growth.