The Benefits

Diligram delivers the benefits growth-minded leaders need to unlock game-changing performance and ROI.

The Diligram Data Hub is the ideal all-in-one solution that delivers game-changing benefits in operational efficiencies and capabilities – and it does it all while saving you time and money.

Our Data Hub empowers you to combine your most important sources of information freely and deliver user-friendly functionality that is perfectly appropriate to your corporate needs and goals.


Accelerated digital
transformation keeps your
company at the cutting-edge

Diligram can greatly accelerate the building of digital transformation solutions, so your company can achieve your goals faster, cheaper, and safer. As a result, Diligram helps your organization stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.

Minimal complexity
and maximum speed
to market

Our approach ensures a minimum of technical complexity, including minimum deviation from your proven legacy systems, which we can revitalize. So Diligram allows you to bring easy-to-use applications to market quicker – with the same human and technical resources.

For example, with the MyStaff App in the UK, Diligram is enabling frontline NHS health staff to access disparate data sources in one place through a dashboard or a mobile app. So it enables use of the data even by staffers who don’t normally have access to computers, such as cleaners, gardeners, and others


Aligns the final product with your vision

The Diligram solution allows the creative freedom to assure that your application aligns perfectly with your vision.


Secure integration into corporate environments

Full SSO support enables secure integration into existing corporate environments.

Simple solution
even to the most
complex data

The Data Hub provides an elegantly simple solution to even the most complex data problems. So it’s the ideal way to eliminate perplexing digital disarray and cumbersome administration.


Scalable and flexible

The solution can grow as your company grows, because you can introduce new features and systems with ease.


An end-to-end solution

Your company can have Diligram provide an entire end-to-end solution, which can speed up the innovation process, maintain the Data Hub, and deliver timely updates.


Collaboration with your IT department

Diligram can also provide outside help to your IT department. We can augment its capabilities, while your IT team retains the flexibility to build applications on its own or through other partners.

management of
user groups

The management interface allows organizations to manage user groups and track compliance in real time, such as staff compliance with education modules. The comprehensive analytical functions also provide overviews and insights, with key analytics on what is and is not being done by your staff.

Enhances employee engagement

The Data Hub has an inviting dashboard that increases staff engagement and motivation.

The ability to share content from disparate sources

Diligram empowers organizations from any industry to share content from disparate sources by providing a simple way to consolidate, manage and distribute it. So end users can collaborate to complete time-critical tasks.

Advantage over Microsoft Teams

Unlike Microsoft Teams, the data can be fed into customized interfaces for optimal end-user experiences.

Learn how you can go from data disarray to data optimization and get your company on the fast track to unprecedented performance and growth.