About Us

About Diligram

Diligram provides the optimal solution to the digital disarray that limits the performance and growth of many enterprise and SMB clients.

We’re a digital transformation company that addresses the need for large enterprises to bring together data, content, and functionalities from many different origins into one central space where the material can be managed, arranged, combined, and presented in a unified and user-friendly way.


Our clients are
business leaders
with growth

They’re the leaders of large organizations with disparate workforces, processes, and content. They’re focused on growth and want their visions realized quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

By working with Diligram, they’ve discovered that we provide a faster, better, and more cost-effective way to achieve their goals than relying exclusively on their internal resources.

We provide our clients with an end-to-end solution or work hand-in-hand with their internal IT departments.

If you’re a growth-minded leader of a large enterprise, talk with us about how we can help you achieve your goals.


Our Mission

To create a leading-edge application in the shortest time at the lowest cost.


Our History

Diligram was founded 2018 to create a B2C solution that enables users to curate content from popular video sites, such as YouTube. The videos could be kept private, shared with closed groups or a wider audience. But the increasing dispersion of data in large enterprises and the need to organize it led the company to create a complete solution for aggregating and curating content.

Meet the Diligram

We combine extraordinary experience in building technology that achieves goals for business leaders.

Our team is located in four countries:

img Switzerland – General Management & Board

img United Kingdom – Product Management, Healthcare Business Services, Marketing & Sales

img Germany – Web Development, Project Management, and Sales

img Croatia – Mobile Development

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    Uwe Placzek

    Co-founder & CEO

    Uwe is an innovation and product development expert, seasoned manager and serial entrepreneur. He created and managed Europe's largest digital music platform and the first pan-European movie streaming service – thereby actively driving the digital transformation of two entire industries. Uwe holds a University degree in Design & Development and held senior positions in Engineering, Telecom, IT and Digital Media.

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    Kurt Moser

    Co-founder & Chairman

    As an active private equity Investor, Kurt sits on the board of various private companies, some of which he has helped to incorporate as a founding member.
    In his career he has held several senior positions in the banking, financial information, and software industry, and he has lived and worked in the major global financial centres. Prior to his retirement he held the position of Chief Operating Officer of a global division of one of the world’s largest Fintech Companies.

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    Walti Jucker

    Co-founder & CFO

    Walti is an entrepreneurial Senior Management Professional with international experience in building and growing businesses around innovative products. He has extensive expertise in banking, telecommunication, global digital media distribution and IT services. He also sits on the board of several private companies and is founding member and investor of several start-up-companies.

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    Martin Staub

    Co-founder & Advisor

    Martin is a senior executive, entrepreneur and active private investor. He has worked with the team for many years and various endeavours.

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    Darren Zimmer

    Chief Product Officer

    Darren was a key member of the team that delivered Europe’s first movie streaming platform Acetrax as well as over 5 years management experience at Sky both in the UK and Europe. He is single mindedly focused on the customer and solving problems with innovative but easy to use solutions.

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    Leslie Golding

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Leslie co-founded Acetrax (Sky Store) having previously worked in senior roles at EMI, BBC and O2 (Telefonica UK). At Acetrax, he closed industry leading deals with 5 of the 6 major Hollywood studios as well as TV manufacturers including Samsung, LG and Panasonic. He enjoys disrupting and transforming traditional business models with digital solutions.

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    Christine Knaus

    Business Development

    Christine worked for many years as an external Consultant to support different types of companies like TV and Media corporations or even the Austrian Government. Her experience focuses a lot on the user experience Part that helped her to get a very sophisticated technical understanding. With that knowledge, she helped optimize different conversation funnels like registration and sales. Since March 2020, Christine has been working as a Business Development Consultant for Diligram in Germany.

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    Pascal Ehlert

    Tech lead - Mobile products

    During his 15 years in the industry, Pascal has not only designed and implemented a vast variety of complex IT systems, but also co-founded several companies. As a passionate Software Engineer with an attention to detail, he ensures Diligram’s mobile solutions meet the highest standards.

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    Tobias Knaus

    Tech lead - Web products

    With over 16 years of software development experience, Tobias built many very huge low latency web platforms to create the best customer experience. He helped to build and form the cloud infrastructure and web technology architecture for one of Germany's largest Online Shops. But that is just one of many companies that Tobias supported over the years in growing their digital potential. As Head of Service Development at the ProSiebenSat.1 Media group, Tobias put together a team with more than 20 developers from scratch and has been in leading development positions ever since.

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    Christian Wegler

    Programme delivery

    Christian was in the founding team of one of the first Free2Play Gaming-Platforms in Europe, launched and operated more than 10 Online Games as a Project Manager and built up the PM&QA team as Head of Project Management for the Burda and ProSiebenSat.1 Media groups. He has an eye for detail and keeps the general overview at the same time, which enables him to deliver our projects in time & quality. Christian studied Business Economics in Munich and is also a skilled coach & trainer, which helps him to deliver great results in any kind of environment.

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    Ljubo Radoš

    Senior Developer

    During 5+ years of professional development experience, Ljubo worked on huge Web and Mobile platforms, helping teams introduce clean code and best practices.
    Focused on building beautiful, performant and scalable applications users fall in love with.

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    João Cunha

    Senior Developer

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    Mario Mijic

    Senior Developer

    Mario is a frontend developer with excellent experience and technical skills in development of web applications. He is a hard-working engineer with experience in numerous technologies, with an emphasis on frontend using modern software frameworks.
    In the last 5 years he expanded his knowledge of Angular.io. Mario enjoys working as an independent team member. Also, he likes to expand his technical knowledge and development experience. In all these years he developed his knowledge and skills in different JavaScript frameworks (Angular.JS, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js).

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    Marko Kuhar

    UX Design lead

    Seasoned UI/UX designer who designed some of Croatians biggest web platforms, with a strong focus on usability and clean user flows. He ensures Diligram is clean, beautiful, and most importantly - simple to use.

Learn how you can go from data disarray to data optimization and get your company on the fast track to unprecedented performance and growth.