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Diligram brings all your knowledge together in one user-friendly workspace, so your business can unlock game-changing performance and growth potential.

To create this workspace, we developed the Diligram Data Hub – a powerful instrument that empowers your employees to optimize their productivity and you to achieve your goals.

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Is the performance and growth of your company needlessly limited by inefficient access to disparate knowledge across departments and divisions? Discover why Diligram is the ideal all-in-one solution, including digital transformation of your legacy systems.

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    We are a digital solution company, specializing in data and content optimization for 15 years

    We have a proven track record in delivering digital innovation, from concept through to creation and implementation. We excel in complex IT and media platforms, e-commerce, TV and mobile apps, high security and highly regulated environments with engaging consumer UX/UI and data integrations.

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    Our Diligram Data Hub provides a unified, user-friendly interface for your workforce

    Diligram operates with a simple management structure and a no blame culture. Our team members are supported but empowered to make decisions in order deliver speed-to-market solutions without endless red tape and approvals.

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    Innovation to create ideal solutions for our clients is in our DNA

    We are proficient in agile working methods (such as Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration (CI), DevOps, etc.), user centric design, as well as in design thinking processes (exploration, ideation, design, validation), rapid software prototyping and business modelling. With over 15 years experience.

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    We take ownership of your problem and are relentlessly results-driven

    We aren’t driven by chargeable hours, we are driven by getting things done. Our focus is achieving successful outcomes, and we take pride in the solutions we deliver and the benefits this brings to our partners.

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    We can work closely with your team

    We offer flexible working methods to best suit the project requirement whether that’s embedding a team within a customers organisation or working remotely. We recognise the importance of collaboration but understand that every company has different needs and requirements.

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    We keep things simple, without needless technospeak

    Diligram is a wordplay between the Latin word diligam – I love, and gram – to bring a message.

    Our philosophy is to connect people with information in a simple and engaging way.

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    We successfully work with large international corporations to start-ups

    Every key member of our team has vast experience in start-ups as well as corporate management. We thrive in all environments, but our innate mindset is to deliver game changing solutions with passion and commitment

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    We have expertise across a broad range of industries, from automotive to digital media

    • Digital Media
    • e-Commerce
    • m-Commerce
    • IT infrastructure
    • IoT
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Logistics
    • Energy
    • Telecom
    • Broadcasting
    • Engineering
    • Automotive
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    We are experienced in high security and highly regulated environments

    We have accomplished complex projects with the highest requirements in data and content security as well as NIST 800-60 Level 3 infrastructure setups, migrations and operation. Our data center is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, PCI DSS, GREEN IT, ISAE 3402 certified and Diligram is Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

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    Our team has played a key role in the digital transformation of entire industries

    The core Diligram team were the founders of Europe’s largest digital music platform and the first pan-European online film service - we pioneered the digital transformation of two entire industries with our passion for digital change and game-changing innovation



Diligram developed and operates the technical backbone for one of the most ambitious transformation projects in publishing – built with our Data Hub in just 4 months!


Putting best practice back into the heart of your organisation.

Our intuitive, AI-powered solution is dedicated to monitoring staff compliance, smoothing daily operations, and streamlining accessibility to vital policies and documents in one simple, convenient platform.

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Today the most successful and high-profile digital education initiative in Europe, with a successful MBO in 2020 by the founding team around German publishing legend Prof. Miriam Meckel.

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Learn how you can go from data disarray to data optimization and get your company on the fast track to unprecedented performance and growth.

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Connecting Data and Content with Unified, User-Friendly Dashboards


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